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Development Process


We need to take care of a few things before getting started with you new site. The first step is to digitally sign the provider agreement.
Another nitty gritty detail to take care of is to make the down payment. We have lots of payment options to choose from.
Now we need some more detailed information from you so that we know what you are really looking for in your website design.



We take the information from the questionnaire you filled out, and the conversations we have had, and develop the concept for your site.
We create the page structure and design elements from our concept ideas to form the initial design of your new website.
The next step is to insert sample content into the initial design. This gives us a better idea of what the final product will look like.
Take a look at what we have created so far and let us know what you like and what you want changed.
Now we need to have any of the text and images that you would like us to use in your site.
We need know what pages you would like in your site. This is an important step so that we know exactly how to proceed.



We take the original text and images that you gave us and place them on the pages of your site.
We use the sitemap that you give us and develop each sub page so that your content is accurate and can be read easily.
As we are building the site, if there are functions that could benefit you, we will suggest their implementation.
Once we have finished developing all pages, it is time for you to review the site again.
One the site has been tweaked and the Beta Testing is complete, you review and give final approval.
Once you give final approval, the last step before going live is making your final payment and setting up the monthly maintenance payment.
We make any changes to the text and images of your site based off of your review.
One the design has been finalized, we put it through some tests to ensure functionality.
Time to Go Live! We transfer the site to your domain name and submit to search engines.