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Carolyn Maggard

We are completely satisfied with the great service we received! We recently made the decision to make some pretty big changes to our website. After researching the web, we decided to contact Lori and Bob for some additional information. When they called me, I could tell immediately that I was not dealing with a normal website company! You see, I have built and maintained my own website for years and had lots of experience with other website companies. None of them are anything like Bob and Lori. They are genuinely concerned and work hard for you from the very beginning. I believe they are very knowledgeable and confident in what they do. It’s been less than a month since my new beautiful website was launched and the numbers I am seeing are amazing. My bounce rate has already dropped from 52% to around 30%. People are calling and emailing with compliments about the site like never before. I am so pleased with the work they did, but more than that . . It’s so nice to be treated like a real person and not just another client.